Ahhh some free time.

So what do we do with ourselves when Facebookgoes down?

First we check Twitter to be sure thats it’s not just you!  Go on admit it we all did it tonight.

So now I have some time to sit and talk to you. First of all have you read it yet? If you have let me know what you think, if you haven’t then get in touch and buy your copy or get it on Amazon. As I said we all need something to do when facebook isn’t available.

Whilst the nation waits to get social again I shall fill your time with the inane babblings of an author.  I have recently embarked on my second novel and seem to have little time to write between social media and Coronation Street ( Yes yet another Corrie fan) and I still think Callum is going to turn up alive and kicking at some stage. I have however put together some ideas and I think it could work, which is a great way to start…

Now I think its time to open up my tim of Tim Hortons coffee (Thank You Betty Jane) and set forth on a new adventure.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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