Risk, Love & Dream

Today I experienced one of those awesome flashes of clarity and it hit me….. I’m an adult, yes a fully fledged grown up, how did that happen?  I spend my spare time writing stories for pleasure. I still manage to use my imagination even though technology trys dumb it down.  Having realised that I’m all grown up now I then realised how short life is and the only thing I can say that I know without a doubt is true is don’t be afraid to try to reach your goals , we all have amazing dreams and abilities within us, whatever you dream of achieving just do it.  You could be the next big thing, the inspiration for someone else.

So today take that first step, be brave, take a risk, be the thing that you dream of being. Do that amazing thing you were put on this earth to do. Above all be happy, have no regrets and remember to always DREAM BIG.

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