The Community – Chapter One

A taster of The Community for you. If you enjoyed it and would like to order a copy of your own you can go to Amazon (Paperback or ebook), completely novel or Man, Myth & Magik, Glastonbury.

ISBN 9781849147859

Chapter One

It’s late July and hot; Charmsbury Park is looking spectacular with its beautiful floral displays of which the town is so proud.  The cordoned off area to the side of the bowling green is the only thing that spoils the view. According to the news this morning on the local radio, a man walking his dog had come across the body of a woman. The official line was that it was natural causes and no-one seemed to have any idea who she was.

Jack knew who she was and was just relieved that the body had been found. He had placed her gently alongside her favourite flowers Geraniums and now her body had been discovered she would get the proper burial that she deserved. She’d been a lovely, kind person, a good friend to him and he was already missing her. He had waited and watched as the police arrived to check the scene and take her body away and he was grateful they had treated her with respect. He had also heard the news play out on the gardeners’ radio which was perched on a fence post; it was tuned to a local station that was blaring away whilst he was working diligently at painting some fencing a lurid shade of pink. Now Jack was happy that everything had been taken care of it was time for him to head home and relay the news.

He would have to walk about four miles out of town and get back home without being seen, it seemed like a long walk now that he was almost seventy years old but it would also give him plenty of time to be alone, think and grieve for his friend. He walked past places he knew from his childhood but no one recognized him, he was just another face in the crowd which was the beauty of this being a tourist town and that suited him fine. On his right was the road leading down to the beach, he rarely went there anymore but in his younger days he had enjoyed the beach and on hot summer nights he had slept under the pier, lulled by the sounds of the waves lapping at the sand.  Over to his left was a new building that was going to house the new town library, he had read about it in one of the local newspapers but he hadn’t yet found out what the old library building was going to be or when the changeover would take place. He supposed it didn’t really matter anymore anyway as it had been years since he had needed to use it.

He smiled to himself as the memories came flooding back.

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