The Scariest part – Marketing for Indie Authors.

So now it’s time to blow your own trumpet, you thought you’d done the hard work in creating your beautiful book but then you realise that if no-one knows about it how can you sell it and get other people to love your baby as much as you do. For me this has been by far the hardest part of the process. So I want to share some of the things I have learnt along the way.

  1. Start building your an audience before your book is published. (I wish I’d known this way back!)
  2. If your book is already written don’t automatically hand over to a PR company, this is your baby and no-one knows it like you do, take control and enjoy seeing your audience grow.
  3. Discover your target audience – this is really much easier than it sounds, what do your characters like? People who associate with your characters will enjoy your book, so if they have hobbies find real people who share that interest.
  4. Make sure everyone knows where they can buy your book. Simple but often overlooked.
  5. Use social media – set up pages for you and your book, keep your personal life separate.
  6. Build an email list and send regular emails offering titbits of information & teasers for your next book. Don’t forget to tell them where they can get your book.
  7. To get your book into independent bookshops offer them on sale or return, they are more likely to try your book out for you.
  8. Set a budget for advertising – Do not be conned into spending more than you have.
  9. Let your enthusiasm shine, whenever anyone mentions your book remember you’re awesome, you’ve achieved something that many others never will – Be Proud.
  10. Be happy and include yourself in anything that comes along and always carry a copy of your book with you. You never know who you’ll meet along the way.

There are many more ways to market your book but it all takes time and effort, just be enthusiastic about anything that you do, it’ll shine through and get you more fans.

If you have any brilliant ideas please let me know you can contact me here or at SC Richmond on Facebook and don’t forget.

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