To Enter Or Not To Enter……

Its nearly here and already I’m feeling under pressure. I have a decision to make and I need your help. Should I go for the 50K words in 30 days or should I just sit back and throw out words of encouragement to those of you who do?

To Write:

I get to work out new ideas.

A possible new novel.

Will need chocolate!

A challenge to make me feel better about myself.

Great to be a part of the bigger writing community.

Not To Write:

Lack of time, already work 7 days a week.

Already got a novel that I’m working on.

Not enough chocolate in the world!

No sleep for a month.

Not enough coffee in the world!

If I can’t achieve it I won’t feel better about myself.

So what would you do? If I’m stressed now can you imagine the state of me by the 3rd Nov. So if you’re taking part please get in touch and talk me into it before I can talk myself out of it. I’m looking forward to getting to know other tortured souls 🙂

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