Good Karma All Round. Indie Books Rock!

I wanted to share this with you all, it’s a great idea created by a talented author and she is Daphne Kapsali author of ‘100 days of Solitude’ she discovered that getting you book out there is a tough job for indie authors and has done something about it.

Visit this page where readers discover great new books by independent authors that they may not have come across otherwise, and support independent publishing in the process. Good karma all around! Get involved
Visit ‘Indie Books Rock!

Authors submit their independently-published book(s) + join the community. If selected, their books are featured the library for readers to browse + purchase. The authors promote indie books rock! to their social networks, thus giving more exposure to everyone’s work and growing the pool of potential readers for all members.

Readers discover + buy great new books by independent authors that they may not have come across otherwise, and support the independent publishing community in the process.

Everyone’s happy!

Increase exposure for all members.
The concept is very simple: authors list their independently-published books, and then promote the site to potential readers within their social networks, thus substantially increasing exposure for the work of all members. It’s like a little good karma community for indies. And it’s going well. We’re not rebels: we’re just writers doing the best we can for our books.

And if you’ve loved one of our books, let the world know by posting a review on Amazon. Thank you!

And Thank you Daphne.

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