Tip #21: Value Your Work

Congratulations on your engagement & the timing of this post was great. I needed reminding. Thanks.

Useless Book Club

Some very quick words of advice which apply not just to authors but anyone involved in a creative industry.

Yesterday, two things happened. One was great: I got engaged. The other was bad: my USB stick snapped in half (possibly due to nerves associated with the former). This has thrown my writing off due to a folder saved on that memory stick entitled “WIPs”.

That stands for “Works In Progress” and included a chapter of my draft novel, saved nowhere else. It’s not the end of the world, I can try to get the device fixed or re-write the chapter. But it got me thinking.

If you’re drafting a manuscript at the moment, perhaps for NaNoWriMo, how highly do you value your work?

“It’s just a draft.” “It might never get published.” “Pretty cheap.”

That’s an easy attitude to take until something goes wrong, but it’s also the only…

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