Take me home.

A cold, wet day.  There was no-one around to speak of, what should I do with  my time?

Stuck within these 4 walls until early evening.  It’s dull out, only 1pm but already looking dark and miserable in the drizzle that was threatening to turn into fully fledged rain.  A couple of sightseers come into the shop and brighten my day but that’s short lived all too soon they go off to investigate the old town and abandon me to the rest of the day.

I’ll read… no, best I don’t it might just send me to sleep and that wouldn’t look good if any more tourists materialized although now it is out of season and the tourists have become a novelty once again, not like in the summer when you could barely understand a word anyone said because they travelled from exotic sounding places from all around the globe. No I should just sit here and wait surrounded by haunting music and the smell of jasmine incense.

Oh here comes someone now and they’re heading my way pointing and smiling “Can I have that dragon on a book there, please.  He’s so cute” Just then a gentle hand reaches over and picks me up “Yes he’s lovely isn’t he”  So now it looks like I’m off to my new home. Hope it’s somewhere warm 😉

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