Basics For A New Author

  1. People watch to find a character you like, that elderly lady on the bus what does she go home to? The young man in the coffee shop is he in love? Ask background questions of everyone you chose and your pefect character will emerge.
  2. Write daily, whether its a sentence or a ream just keep writing at every opportunity, your art will improve with every little bit of effort you put in.
  3. What do you like to read? Whatever it is maybe thats what you should be writing. Don’t be frightened to mix up your genres why should you be pigeonholed, write what feels good. You’ll know whats right as it emerges.
  4. Find a target market for what you like to write then make your character appeal to them.
  5. Keep notes, I have found this very important, I draw maps of my town and keep a list of important points of characters. You don’t want your main character to start off with blue eyes that end up green.
  6. Try to make time for just writing, the computer can offer a great selection of tips for the new writer, unfortunatly it also gives you access to social media which can suck you in and make you think it’s ok I’ll write tomorrow. No, don’t let it happen choose a time for writing and stick to it. I use a laptop with no internet connection to write on just so I can’t be distracted.
  7. Give your main character a personal battle, smoking, drinking, gambling etc. It’ll give an automatic sub plot.

Take from this what will work for you, despite trying to help you there is no hard and fast rules for writing, be true to your story.

Good Luck & please share your ideas with everyone too.

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