Glastonbury, UK

You all seemed to like the Glastonbury post I put up last week so I thought I could follow it up with a short article to show you a little more of our town. There’s a lot of reasons to visit. We have fabulous, unusual shopping, lots of beautiful things to see and places to visit.

You can climb the Tor and see what remains of St Michaels Tower


Or visit our world famous Abbey where you can find King Arthurs tomb.



There’s St Johns and it’s labrynth in the grounds


Market Cross and the High Street and brilliant shops.

Finish your day off with a relaxing visit to the Chalice Well and take some of the healing waters.


There’s so much to see and do there’s plenty of great places to stay and lots of great cafes and take aways. We have everything here that you could possibly want for a relaxing break away from home. If you’re lucky you may just be here to see a fairy ball, the goddess conference, carnival or a druid gathering.

And last but not least you can purchase a signed copy of ‘The Community’ to read on your journey home (just as long as you’re not the driver) 😉


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