Writers Block

I have no idea how to deal with this. Today I sat down to write and nothing happened… I figured just take advice so I did……..

Change writing time ….. didn’t work

Do something else creative…… nope

Dance????  I dance like I have dancers block! …. No good

Drink water????? Why when I can drink coffee…… doesn’t work.

Go for a walk….. ok but I can’t write and walk.

Go to a bookstore??? Now this I found odd… it actually makes me feel worse not better…. talk about feeling inadequate.

Mess around on Facebook….. that’ll be a week of my life lost.

Take a cigarette break!!! I gave up 3 months ago…….

So after dancing around, walking, drinking, trying not to think about smoking and wasting my time playing games on social media I have learnt a valuable lesson.

Just write…… it’s the only way out of a block. Write anything, you’re not looking for a masterpiece you’re looking for a way through it. Write, write, write until something appears on the paper. Worry about what you’ve written at the editing stage.

Good luck and keep writing.

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