It’s That Time Again.

We’re getting towards the end of the year and hopefully a happy festive season for all and then we’ll all go through the ritual of New Year. Yep resolutions that won’t see the week out, so this time how about we don’t beat ourselves up so badly and try to set realistic goals. If we take baby steps we can do anything we put our minds to but by setting unrealistic goals we are set to fail and failure just makes us feel even worse about ourselves.

So this year rather than giving things up how about working towards a goal and see if that works better for you. It’s what I’ll be doing I won’t give up playing games on facebook but I will spend more time writing and researching. I won’t be giving up chocolate but I will increase my exercises and eat healthier food.  See I feel more positive already.

I wish you all luck with your New Year’s resolutions but remember be kind to yourself and I hope you achieve them all.


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