Happiness Jar

A few years ago I did this and it’s an awesome idea. I was given this as a gift from a friend and I chose to use it as my happiness jar.FullSizeRender

Every time I had an happy experience I would write down (And date it) how I felt and why and pop it into my happiness jar. It’s as simple as that, normally the best ideas are the simple ones.

When I had a down day (come on… we all have them) I pulled the top off the jar and randomly took out however many were necessary until I found my happy again.

This is a simple sweet idea, you can make your own jar and decorate it in happy colours or use a container that might mean something to you (it all adds to the happiness).

When you start re-reading them there’s lots of little memories that otherwise you may just totally forget.  Some people just start it Jan 1st and open it the following new years eve but for me it’s a great pick me up when life is fighting back, I just revisit it whenever I feel the need.

Also I never totally empty mine out, some of those memories will stay there forever so I don’t forget to appreciate my life.  It’s a powerful tool to happiness try it for yourself and create a happier world.

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