Poignant and beautiful especially on a day the world has lost a special man who many of us fell in love to. I hope Leon russel Garrett won’t object to the association. Thank you for sharing this with us all.


Do you remember what you said, one evening long ago,

When stars were in the sky and when we sauntered in the snow.?

Do you remember, darling, that you gave your love to me,

And that you told me it would last for all eternity.?

You said it would not matter if the world should disappear,

Your heart would still be faithful and your love would be sincere.

But now the stars are faded and the snow is not the same,

And empty is the echo when i call your gentle name.

The shadows lengthen in the night, the dawn is cold and gray,

And i must wonder to myself, why did you go away.?

Leon Russell Garrett

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