How, What & Where?

So what inspires you to write?

Where did you find the peace to write your masterpiece?

And how do you write?

For me I always wanted to write, it was something inside me, before the book I used to write as a release I found it a useful therapy to calm my thoughts and I guess it all grew from there, if I try to hard to write it’s useless. I need to feel before I can even start.

I can write almost anywhere, sometimes its five minutes when I’m at work or a whole evening curled up on the settee whilst my husband watches TV, my favourite place to write though is on a balcony with this view.


Foe me this is perfect, its the place that makes me feel and think whilst listening to the sea crash to the shore.

I prefer to write my manuscripts longhand for the first draft, the art of writing is an important first step, raw and rambling. Only when that is done can I drag out my laptop and start to tap away and strip away the unnecessary, ugly and irritating. Then the work really begins.


Oh yes and the coffee and chocolate is essential. 😉 Who could write a word without it?


The Community
by S C Richmond

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