I wanted share some of the wonderful food I have encountered in Thailand, it is an amazing place for food of all kinds and there and wonderful and weird things everywhere. Some you will recognize immediately others are more difficult to identify. These are just a few photos I have taken on my gastronomic travels.


Sticky rice & mango.


Moon Cake (durian)


Chicken mussaman


Fresh fruit


Fish, pork & noodles… traditional dishes


a bit of a treat 🙂


another treat afternoon tea…. well it would be rude not to 😉


Fresh pineapple and curry puffs… it just doesn’t get any better.


A traditional New Year Meal


I could share many more dishes but hey I’ll keep a bit back to tease you with another day.  There truly is something for everyone in Thailand and there’s so much to try, get out of your comfort zone and try the real taste of Thailand, it’s some of the most amazing food you’ll ever eat.  Maybe I’ll even try the fried bugs one day… when I’m brave enough.


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