I have just read a blog article that says I should be doing this to make money. The time spent on my blog then is only worthwhile if I get a financial reward. I have to say for that very reason I will not be following that particular blog, it is a mercenary way of looking at what I want to achieve here.

I am not here to make money from my blog, I can promise anyone that follows me I am not after your money what I am after is for you to remember me, maybe even like me enough to follow me. I want to have fun and chat with like minded people and the reason for the blog initially was to get some advertising for my mystery novels.

The Community

Pictures of Deceit  

After the Light, After the Love

BUT should a millionaire wish to adopt me or you want to share your billion pound lottery win with me you know where to find me 😉 Until then I will be locked away trying to write my next novel.

Have a lovely day friends.


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