The Language of Kisses

Just a passing thought this morning…


The Language Of Kisses


Kisses must be one of the most pleasant experiences known to man, just the word is evocative a gentle contact or a violent exchange. The pleasured of kissing change as we move through our lives, sometimes we forget how beautiful and life enhancing they can be, saying more than words ever could.

As a child a parents kiss is everything you need to know you are loved and safe. Or maybe the aunties kiss, over exuberant and something you know will happen but you want over as quickly as possible but as a child a kiss is magical and can mean the world, it can heal cuts, chase bad dreams away, make falling over in the playground not hurt anymore and it works faster than any medicine. Then we start to grow and learn and the magic sadly disappears and we begin to shun those loving kisses and begin to look for other kinds. As a teenager and young adult kissing becomes a shy exchange of feelings as we learn more about ourselves and are aware of other people who we are attracted to, a peck on the cheek from someone you like can make your heart explode or from someone you don’t like can make you reach for a tissue to rub it away. We experiment and learn gently finding our way through our teenage years.

As adults kisses mean everything, someone finds us lovable and attractive, there’s gentle kisses followed by deep kisses and then the passionate rushed kisses that teach us who we are compatible with, leaving us feeling breathless and turning two people into one, functioning on instinct and relationships are born, bonds forged that will last a lifetime for those two people whether they stay together or not. We remember and treasure those kisses, sometimes in quiet times we revisit them in our memories and smile, those people and their unique kisses stay with us always even if just as a memory and we can wish those we have loved well and move on to deeper relationships. It’s the kisses that lead us to bigger and better loves in our lives.

Then we mature enough to realise the real power of kissing, the kisses from someone we chose to spend our lives with the tender but sometimes fleeting kisses that say I love you and I always will, your heart is safe with me. These are the ones that are more valuable than any of the others with one person you can get every type of kiss, they have their own language with one kiss the world can be a better place or completely broken, we understand each and every movement of those lips we chose to spend our lives with and surely there cannot be anything more magical than this.

Look forward to Valentines day and may all your kisses be filled with real love.


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