A New Day

After yesterday, a day of epic extremes by anyone’s yardstick I am happy to hail the arrival of a new day and a chance to do as little as possible to recover from the previous days unexpected turns.

The day started perfectly well, a chat with friends, the sun was out and beautifully hot and I went off to work – well I say work, it’s volunteered work… half a day, chatting, eating (My… how the Thais love to eat!) and helping out in a mental health institution. It’s always fun and much hilarity ensues generally from the sounds that come out of the front of our faces otherwise known as singing.


On a serious note. Thank you to all of you who donated last year, awesome work has been done again please check the facebook Man, Myth & Magik page for more information, it should be updated withing the next 7 days. You’re all brilliant. Thank you xxx

The day was going well, much fun was being had then we got invited to a funeral, so after the fun of being treated like superstars at the photo shoot,


I’m sure i’ll look wonderful and will definitely look more than a little wilted, red and blotchy in the pictures, then checking out the building work as if I’m an expert. (I find much pointing and nodding works) we came down to earth with a bump, we need to get clothes for a funeral, not the sort of thing we normally pack. So off we go to find suitable white and black outfits for the evening, as it happens the shopping was uneventful. Even managed to cram a iced coffee into the day (with whipped cream obviously!).

The evening arrives, our Thai friends say they will meet us at the temple, so no problem. Except we arrived before them dressed perfectly for the funeral, there are a couple of hundred people there but no one knows us which feels odd to start with and very quickly this starts to feel quite awkward for us although the hosts were amazing. The side of the family that we know were not the side of the family meeting and greeting on this particular evening, so we decide the best thing to do is leave just in case this is the wrong funeral and we attempt to drift off into the darkness and melt away, no harm done. You’d think. A young lady came running after us saying ‘please stay and enjoy the evening, we’d like you to stay, you’re very welcome’. Oh Oh… okay so what would you do?  we tried to excuse ourselves whilst profusely apologising for the mix up but she was so kind and really wanted us to stay. Then from the darkness of the path alongside the temple appeared a vision, our friends, who swept us inside found the part of the family we knew and a very interesting evening ensued (obviously there was food), if you ever get the chance to attend a Thai funeral do not hesitate it is a heart warming experience and will make you wonder why we in the west make everything so somber. Another night for the memory bank.

I wish the family peace and happiness for the future and I wish the gentleman in question a safe and peaceful journey onwards.



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