Pure Inspiration & coffee

I woke up this morning (a good start) just in time to watch the sun come up, with my first (and best) coffee of the day in hand I saunter out to check on the view. I slip through the curtains silently  to be greeted by the day opening up before me, the sun slides upwards from behind the mountains and although I’m not normally a morning person I have to admit that the feeling of that warm sun kissing my skin so early in the day was pure heaven. The waves lap against the sea wall and there’s not a person in sight, could it be any better.


I start to get all philosophical and decide that this is the answer, the sheer beauty that we can only gaze on in awe. So I have the answers but no idea what the question is! Although I did have an idea for a book cover that prior to this had been a blank page. So now I have work to do, but it’s the weekend I cried but the fusion of nature and caffeine obviously have other plans for me today. Looks like I’ll be designing covers today then! Who needs a day in the sun trying to roast yourself to the perfect shade of toasted honey anyway???

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll catch up with you later hopefully with more news on the cover for my ‘as yet untitled’ new novel.

Whilst it’s the weekend why not check out the Reviews on The Community and treat yourself.

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