A quick round up.

Good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are in the world. I am just waking up, checking the news and getting my morning coffee into me and I thought I’d stop by and say hello now because I’m planning on spending my day writing, My days rarely go to plan so I may be back later but just in case, I’m here to tell you how awesome you all are. Thanks to you I have had a record week on my blog, lots of you stopped by to say hello, trust me it means a lot that you bother, so thanks.

The news has kept me busy this morning, Mr Cameron has got us in the UK a deal in the EU now we have an opportunity to have our say, which means I have a lot to learn before the 23rd June. In my lifetime I’ve never been asked about being in the EU but now I get to make a choice, so on with the research to make an educated decision. If Mr C can put in so much effort its the least I can do.

Then I spot in the news more bad news of 2016, Harper Lee has departed us, sad news indeed and now our own Paul Daniels is seriously ill, it’s been an awful year for peoples health so far. Take note and look after yourself well I want us all to make through this year in one piece… I’ll be checking up on you all regularly.

Stephen Fry is recording his last episode of QI… personally I am pleased about this, now don’t get me wrong I love QI and Stephen Fry is ok but it’s got a bit stale and I’m tired of it being a Stephen Fry love in about how clever he is… I shout at the screen – he’s not clever he has the answers written down!  Ok so maybe I needed a holiday but I’m sure you understand, I believe Sandi Toksvig will do a fabulous job and I for one can’t wait to see her take over. Ooopppps that almost turned into a rant.

Well this has turned into a bit of a news report – sorry about that. I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday and managed to make it a special day in one way or another. I hope you’ll continue to stop by and say hello, I’m quite getting to like you all. Maybe we should do coffee… kettles on, Milk? sugar? 😉

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