Karaoke – Warning

Now to be fair this won’t be funny if you’ve never heard me sing but I can assure you I avoid it at all costs. Small furry animals throw themselves in front of cars if I start singing but I was at a party, thrown in our honour and out host said he wouldn’t show us around his farm because he had a lot of snakes at the moment so I thought I could help him out and grabbed the mike… well it would have been rude not to. Yes I was nervous to begin with but hell after I’d got the first one under my belt there wasn’t a woman in the room who could wrestle that microphone off me. Now there wasn’t much of a song choice being in the back of beyond in Thailand but they had Carpenters, Diana Ross etc you get the picture (anyone under 40 these were very popular in their day) well I murdered the Carpenters & Beatles, but I’m damn sure that lovely guy won’t have to worry about any snakes for a while.


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