Look closer…

Nature is just amazing isn’t it, man cannot improve on the beauty that nature offers, I am constantly amazed by the obvious and the not so obvious. I woke up today (another great start to the day!) and saw this

Now that’s awesome by anyone’s standards then I went out and saw this (photo from shutterstock)

So tiny, so vulnerable but they understand something that us humans seem to have forgotten. Working together for a common goal is made so much easier if we help each other. Kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness helps us all. I have been reading lots of blogs and news items and everyone has problems on some level everyone struggles through their days, it doesn’t have to be like this does it? Lose the tribal ideals of fighting for everything and take on a more global thought process. Start small and you can change your world. 

Next time you meet someone be kind, compassion and thoughtful even if you don’t feel like it, you might just change their life. 

Look closer at your life and make it better. 

I wish you all a peaceful, happy day. 

The Community- S C Richmond

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