Ode To Shamers.

Copied from Alysa Blackwood’s FB page … a great talent.

Ode to ‘shamers’ everywhere…….

And what makes you the expert on others?
The way they choose to live their lives
To style their hair
Their body shape and sexuality
Are you perfect?
I’m sure the answer to that
Is a resounding ‘No’
Casting stones is dangerous
When your own life is made of the same glass
One might rebound
And put cracks in your confidence
Didn’t your mother tell you
“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”?
It was probably the best advice she ever gave you
I’m sure the people you deride
Are more beautiful than you inside
Is there something so lacking in your soul
That makes you cruel and hard?
Judging people on the content of their wardrobe
And dress size
Rather than the size of their heart
You fall short, not them
You are the imperfect one
As you lack humanity
The milk of kindness you lactate
Is sour and bitter
Take a good look at yourself
Your glasses are tinted with bile
Not roses

Alysa Blackwood's photo.

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