Every year I pop in here to get myself a Singapore Sling, the one thing every traveller has to do, so I thought I’d share a little of the ups and downs of the world renowned ‘Raffles’.

Once you’ve arrived at the front entrance which has to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Singapore you can go into the main area that houses the Writers Bar alas there is no photography allowed but take my word for it the entrance alone is stunning, unless you have prior booking you just may not make it any further. I didn’t.


So I moved to the Long Bar where the Singapore Slings were being served at all hours of the day. You have to walk around the outside of the building to access it but there’s lots to see and everywhere you turn you’ll see high-end shops. So follow me around and take a quick look.

See it really is worth a visit and it gives you lots of history about the Singapore Sling, surely more interesting than most history lessons 😉

So said Sling in hand and I can tell you I was thirsty after taking in all of that knowledge, I sit down, relax and decide to order some food too, there was a very limited bar snack menu available. I was expecting great things but pub grub would do at least I can say I’ve eaten at Raffles too. I perused the menu (didn’t take long) whilst munching my way through the peanuts they put on the table in sacks (obviously knew I was coming) the idea is to crack open and eat your peanuts then you throw the shells on the floor. Apparently the only place in Singapore they encourage this behaviour. Try it on the street and you’ll be fined (I have warned you). We decided to go with a burger and fish and chips, not very exotic but as I said there was little choice.


It turned up and it was the most average food I’d ever had no actually it didn’t even reach the status of average, I was so disappointed. Then I nearly choked when they brought the bill.


Yes 145.95 Singapore Dollars which once converted revealed itself to be around 75 Pounds!!!

So the moral of this tale is please do go to Raffles even go to the Long Bar and treat yourself to a horrifically expensive drink but please don’t eat the food…. want a tip? ….. have your drink and then go across the road and you’ll find this.


Trust me the burgers are better even if you wouldn’t normally eat here and a damn sight cheaper.

Happy Travels.

The Community – S C Richmond





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