Mark. The Interview. Part 1. 

I headed out to the tunnel to meet with Mark the now ‘Leader’ of the tunnel community. The community shot to fame after they were unveiled by a local journalist. He met me at an old well that looked in need of some attention. Mark is a tall guy, dressed as though he’d just come in from doing some gardening. He had a broad smile and was incredibly welcoming. He led into the tunnel an amazing warren of rooms and there was no way I was going to find my way out with out help. 

Q. How did you come to be here?

A. I was on the streets up North, I met a guy called Peter who used to help me out sometimes. He bought me here. 

Q. What’s the best things about it?

A. The friendships, we all work together and the peace.

Q. How do you feed yourselves. 

A. To this he showed me back out of the tunnel and we walked around to an area that looked like an allotment. Hidden from view by a small wooded area. He said. This was how we used to survive. We had a little money from time to time but mainly we would eat what we could catch or grow. 

Q. Why were you chosen as leader. 

A. I am not a leader. We all do our share and decisions are made on a vote basis. I guess it’s just that more people know about me than the others. The only leader we ever had was Jack but he’s left us now and we continue as a group. No one could replace Jack. 

Q. Do you ever get any trouble here?

A. Rarely, disputes often but trouble no unless it comes from outside. A while back a group of kids tried to get in and made a bit of a mess of the entrance. Nothing we couldn’t handle. 

Q. What about the murder? 

A. I think you already know everything about that. I assume you read the papers. 

To be continued…….

If you want to know more The Community. Is available …. Click the link. 

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