Amethyst Grail

I see this daily, sitting on a shelf just begging to be used but what would I use something this beautiful for? Which in turn got me thinking about optimism, I like to think when half filled with possibly red wine (πŸ˜‹) my glass would be half full. That’s me forever the optimist. Life is good, the sun is shining and I’m in full writing flow for me there’s little to be pessimistic about.


How are you feeling today & what you you fill this goblet with?

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7 thoughts on “Amethyst Grail

  1. It’s enough to keep it filled with hope, when it is empty, charge it with stardust and fill it with the bounty of the Universe. A symbolic reminder of how beauty is achieved in the eye of the beholder when it is enriched with positivity.
    When you are in need of inspiration, take it to a sunny window and bathe in the rainbows it throws around. They are made of your dreams.

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