F – Fiona and the Fairy



Fiona and the Fairy

‘Generally depicted as cute, delicate, feminine forms fairies are anything but… look into the history of the fey and you will see they are impish, meddlesome and sometimes fun but generally causing mayhem wherever they go. They love to tease and play tricks on us humans and bewitch us with their antics. If you ever see one, pretend you haven’t, turn away and let the fairy move on to play their little games on another unwitting person. You will never be free of them once you have been bewitched by the fairies – You have been warned.’

Fiona found this hand written note in her Grandmas dressing table drawer and thought that her Grandma must have been going senile before she died. Nobody believed in fairies they’re just in made up stories for kids. Fiona was eleven now and thought herself far too grown up to fall for these tales.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a movement and a box fell from the top of the wardrobe and emptied its contents across the floor, ‘Damn’ she thought I’m supposed to be tidying up. She went to investigate and put everything away again, the box must have been unbalanced, as she bent to pick things up she heard a crash behind her, she turned and saw that all of the items that had been sitting tidily on the top of the dressing table were now deposited on the floor. She looked up to the now empty space on the dresser and there she saw a very small child sat cross legged where all of her Grandmas belongings had been. “Who are you?” She asked, not a bit scared.

“I’m Fiona.” The child replied.

“No, you’re not… I’m Fiona. What are you doing here?”

“Your Grandma sent me; she told me you’d stopped believing.”

“You’re just in my mind, go away.” Fiona shouted and suddenly the child was gone leaving behind nothing but a smell of rotting vegetation. Then the wardrobe door opened and clothes started throwing themselves out landing haphazardly around the room. “Stop it, stop it.” Fiona cried. The child’s head poked out of the wardrobe now jauntily wearing one of Grandma’s favourite hats and she leapt onto the bed laughing.

“Fiona, FIONA! What are you doing up there?” Her Mum shouted from downstairs where she was busy trying to clear out Grandmas kitchen, it was never an easy job after the upset of losing a family member.

“Nothing Mum, it’s okay.” She shouted in reply. The child on the bed laughed and jumped up and down messing the bedclothes up and flung a pillow at Fiona. “Put it all back” Fiona said.

“No, you put it back.”

Fiona started to pick things up and return them to their rightful place but as fast as she did the child cast them back to the floor. The faster she tidied the faster the child in rags and Grandmas hat would mess everything up again.

The door burst open and Fiona’s Mum stood there. “Oh Fiona, what are you doing?”

Fiona turned around “It was her” she cried pointing at the wardrobe.

“Stop messing about and put that hat back where it should be, you’re too old for invisible friends.”

Fiona looked around, the child was gone and the room was as tidy a when she first entered it except for the hat that was balanced at a jaunty angle on her head.


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