G – Gardening.


A strange choice for me, I never though I’d be blogging about gardening but wait I have one major tip for you to use in your garden. Do you have a beautiful shrubbery, stunning borders. Plants that smell wonderful year round, if you’re lucky maybe a garden that looks like this?

beautiful gardenimages (2)

Maybe that’s a bit adventurous but you get the idea.

The one tip I have for all of you gardeners out there is never, ever under any circumstances invite me round to see your garden. You see’ after half an hour in Β my presence your garden will look like this…


You have been warned.

11 thoughts on “G – Gardening.

  1. Ha Ha you crack me up..you look should look on it as therapeutic and it’s surprising how your imagination can run riot if you find a quiet spot, close you eyes and let your mind wander…….Nah! Have a lovely day πŸ˜‰

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  2. Lol I used to think that about myself but since my kids have become teenagers, and don’t ruin mine anymore I’ve discovered I’m not that bad at it. I have my own little section of paradise starting to grow. Who knows, maybe one day you will surprise yourself like I did.

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