H – Hares


Hares and their significance is the question I get asked most about at work and I thought this was the perfect place to tell you about the moon gazing hare.


I’m sure you have all heard the saying mad as a March Hare, the raging of their hormones as they breed in the Spring making them seem as though they had been overcome by some sort of madness. During the breeding season when there is a full moon they stop as if spellbound by the moon and drop their ears back and gaze skyward at the moon.
The moon is associated with the goddess and the feminine form, so the belief is that feminine energy is beckoned to earth through the hare, representing fertility, rebirth & new beginnings. So if you’re starting anything new in your life it is considered to be helpful to have a hare around to help you succeed.
If you see hares boxing at night beware… they are thought to covers of witches dancing, pass by quietly and try not to disturb them.


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