I – Ink Pens


I don’t know how you chose to write but my first draft is always in ink with my trusty fountain pen and black ink, for me it’s the way I am comfortable starting my writing process.
Pens have been used as writing implements since 4000 BC albeit then they were nothing more than crude straws which held liquid. By 500 BC these were replaced with birds feathers sliced to a point, what we would know as quills.


When we got to 1883 a Mr L E Waterman restyled the humble ink pen into the fountain pens we know today, he had a pen which leaked and that led him to redesign it and perfect it. Since then little has changed except by 1913 an arm had been added, since then the only thing to have changed on the majestic fountain pen has been the styles which come and go as with everything else.


So when you pick up your pen to write know that it has taken thousands of years to perfect and has not changed since the 19th century. Please don’t let it get resigned to history in favour of a keyboard.

8 thoughts on “I – Ink Pens

  1. I admire people who can write in pen a whole novel, but it’s not for me. My handwriting is terrible, slow, and my carpal tunnel syndrome would certainly return. I’ll have to stick to the keyboard, even if it’s not elegant.

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