J – Journals


Keeping a private journal is a fun thing to do and incredibly good for you. I’m pretty lazy and only tend to write a journal when I’m not involved in writing a book but if you’re not a writer it really is a great relaxation tool. Just to sit quietly even if just for a few minutes and spill your stress onto the page, I guess it’s similar to talking to a friend but this will be your best friend, it’ll never gossip about you just as long as you don’t publish it on Facebook! So its a problem shared and all that without the drama. It works though and I know I always feel more relaxed afterwards, once the anger/stress is out I can relax.


If you are a writer it’s a great way of stretching your writing muscle and can be an endless source of material.
If I get stuck whilst writing I just sit for 10 minutes and write down anything that comes into my head and it generally clears out the rubbish so I can get back to thinking about what I should be writing.
Give it a try you might enjoy it. Free thinking is great for the soul and knowing no one else will ever read it is incredibly freeing.
It’s cheaper than a shrink too 😆


8 thoughts on “J – Journals

  1. I frequently go back to old, some very old, journals to review and use in blog posts and new writing, also academic work and letters. Its all grist for the mill,even the parts I’ll probably never share.

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  2. I have kept a journal/diary for a few years now, my aunt encouraged me to as she always had…the one thing she told was never write anything that you would not wish anybody to read when you were not here.I think that was sound advice. 😉

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