N – Norris


One of Britain’s best loved soaps has given us Norris Cole, a fictional character that arrived in Coronation Street in 1994 and has made us laugh and cry ever since.


Norris is a small minded shopkeeper who add light relief to the show if not the cast during his story lines. Coronation Street fans have fondly named him Doris because of his meddle some ways, he loves a gossip and he’s a serious busybody, dithering and judgemental. He is an integral part of the show love him or hate him you certainly can’t ignore him.


He’s had so many brilliant storylines
He’s been kidnapped by Mary who was obsessed with him, he also foiled Richard Hillman attempt to steal Emily’s life savings and helped uncover him as a serial killer although to be fair no one believed him, he’s also been rebuffed by Rita when he asked her to marry him. Now you wouldn’t wish that prospect on anyone.


He always gets the best lines and says the things other characters could only think. You’ve got to love Norris he can go from hero to zero and back in seconds, long my he stay with the show.


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