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I know I’ve done this before but it’s so much fun, go on try it for yourself. This I bought to you from Plot Generator…. Possibly the most fun a writer can have with their clothes on. I have to thank http://thestoryreadingapeblog.com again.

It’s a great way to kick writers block too, it takes you away from your story with some outlandish plots.

The London Story

A Humorous Novel
by S C Richmond

“I’m going to need peculiar glasses, big, peculiar glasses.”

It was a time of terror. Brutal old folk would terrorise each other in the street.

Only one man knows how to stop the terror. One witty, courageous man – Paul Pontic.

Paul is a 27-year-old psychiatrist from London with a thirst for charms.

He knows that to stop the brutal old folk from continuing their dastardly deeds, he must betray his down to earth lover, Pretty Pinns.

He gives up his wild life and travels to Petra where he attends an important carol service and acquires some peculiar glasses.

However, the end of the world approaches, and time is running out for Paul. He is left with two options: stop the brutal old folk in one hour, or allow the world to end in a ball of fire.



Praise for The London Story

“Never have there been more chilling villains than brutal old folk that terrorise each other.”
– The Daily Tale
“Are we seriously supposed to find a witty and courageous psychiatrist from London heroic?”
– Enid Kibbler
*** Obvoiusly there is no novel by me of this name.

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