Q- Questions.

Question everything I was told when I was younger, if something works, why does it work? If something was good, why was it good? Questions, questions, questions….. sometimes i want to feel that I’m just glad I have enjoyed a good book or a great meal. Do I really need to analyse why?
I agree that there are questions that need answering and if we are to learn we need to question things, I just struggle with questioning everything when we don’t need to.


If I asked you this could you answer it? Most of us couldn’t but if we could we surely couldn’t understand the answer.

So my point is don’t ask daft questions, you may get more than you bargained for and just a whole lot more questions.


We all need to learn and better ourselves and at other times we just need to be and accept. Learn to know the difference and you’ll be wise beyond your years.

6 thoughts on “Q- Questions.

  1. Out blog hopping from North Carolina during the #Challenge, and I am happy to find you. I know I should comment about your letter Q- questions, but instead saying thank you for the post on Victoria Wood. Knew nothing about her, but LOVED this hilarious song. I will go to youtube and see about other videos. Thanks. Congratulations on this well presented blog. If you have time or interest, I have been writing about hotels and inns. Come see me if you can.

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    • Hello how lovely to meet you, I hope you enjoy victoria woods work she’s done straight acting, writing musicals and is a comedian do there’s lots out there to find. I will stop by very soon, have a lovely day.


  2. I think you’ve hit the tricky part, asking the right questions, the ones that actually matter. Still, some of the daft ones can be a lot of fun too, you know, the ones that cause stoners to collapse in helpless giggles of supposed insight. That one about the expanding universe is a good example. Fun post.

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