U – Unrequited




She followed him on Twitter and she found his facebook page, the photos of him on the internet made her heart quicken, today on his page she noticed he had confirmed he would be at an event, it was next week, that would be her opportunity to get up close to him.

She truly believed that the moment he spoke to her , he would see the possibilities, he would be besotted and he would be hers. He wasn’t a movie star or a singing sensation, just a normal guy but to her he was the only man she had every truly loved. They had been at college together although he never knew she had existed, she had fallen in love with him from a distance and after following him, occasionally shyly sending him messages on social media but letting him know she was there for him should he need a friend. He knew she would be at the party, she had messaged and told him how she couldn’t wait. He didn’t reply, he never did anymore but that didn’t stop her hoping and it was beside the point he just hadn’t met her properly yet, she had been waiting for this opportunity.

She picked up her phone to check her messages for at least the tenth time this morning, she gasped, there was a message from him. Her heart did somersaults when she saw his profile picture flash up. She savoured the moment and clicked on the message. There were six words that tore at her heart ‘Stop stalking me… I’m not interested.’

“But I love you.” She screamed.


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