I am celebrating today, I think I have found a title for the new book, so what do you think?

‘Pictures Of Deceit’

I’d like to know what that conjures up for you, if you saw that title on a book shelf would you pick it up and take a look. I’m working on a cover but the background will be a deep red (I hope) although what I have in my head and what comes out finally could differ.

If you could just tell me what you think, for now that would be a great help.

Thank you

You could check ‘The Community’ out whilst you’re waiting for ‘Pictures Of Deceit’

The Community – paperback

The Community – Kindle

The Community – 5* Reviews

9 thoughts on “Taa-Daa

  1. I can picture it as several things; a political rogues gallery, a collection of bad relationship stories, a gallery of pictures of apparently happy families and couples with captions of what was really going on, something about advertising — lots of possibilities – it will be interesting to see what it really is.

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