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If you’re driving in the countryside any time soon and fancy parking up for a while, don’t just abandon your car over any old gateway.

That’s what the owner of this red Mazda did – and they’ll probably think twice about doing it again, if this video is anything to go by.

Warning: this video features some very adult language

The clip, which had gone viral since being shared online earlier this week by hairychimpdude, was filmed by two women who met a tractor while driving down a country lane. The tractor had lifted up the errant Mazda, and was transporting it up the road.

“They parked in this chap’s drive, he asked us to move the car – nobody claimed it,” says a man accompanying the tractor driver, in a broad West Country accent.

“We’re gonna put it up on the main road. (It’s the) police’s problem then.”

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