Awesome Artist & Glastonbury Abbey

I know, I know, I’m always going on about how beautiful our Abbey is but bear with me on this post. Today I found myself sitting in the abbey whilst I had a short break just looking around and chilling out in the sun and felt incredibly grateful for having this stunning place on my doorstep. They have been running a ‘Rescue Our Ruins’ appeal for a few years now so that the grounds and what’s left standing of the abbey can be preserved for future generations.

We also have a few awesome photographers in town and I wanted you to see just what one of these artists has achieved, making our town which is already beautiful look magical, some of his work is spellbinding. Mr Kev Pearson had an announcement for us this week and I urge you to check this out if you are going to be visiting Glastonbury at all. Here is his news in his own words and please do go and check out his website.


I’ve dropped a few hints in recent weeks about a new project and now that everything is place I can make a proper announcement.
I am now offering for sale photo, fine art and canvas prints of Glastonbury Abbey under licence and with the full blessing of the Abbey charity. This is a body of work which will evolve and grow in coming weeks and there are plans to supplement it with exhibitions and displays in the Abbey during events later in the year. I will also be hosting some photography workshops there.

This is all in support of the “Rescue Our Ruins: The Final Chapter” appeal and as you can see there will be many opportunities for you to join in and help us on our way.

To see the new print collection head on over to the website at:

Thank you!


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