50 Reasons Why a Writer Might Cry #writer #writers 


Writers cry a lot.

Writing is an emotionally charged hobby.

If you’re not weeping about what you think of your own writing, you’re crying over what others think about your writing.

If you are not weeping about Writer’s Block you are a sobbing mess over writing too much.

We are keeping tissue companies in business!

Here at BlondeWriteMore we thought we would list out 50 reasons why a writer might cry!

  1. Someone has just given them some glowing feedback.
  2. Someone has just given them some harsh feedback.
  3. The writer hates their writing today.
  4. The writer loves their writing today.
  5. Their amazing new story contains a crater sized plot hole.
  6. Their favourite character has just died and they are entering the stages of fictional grief.
  7. They have just received a literary rejection or two.
  8. They have just compared their stinky first draft to a best-selling author’s novel.
  9. They have been struggling…

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