Book Review

The Watson Letters Vol I

‘Something Wicker This Way Comes’ by Colin Garrow


I have been following this blog for a while but until recently I hadn’t realised that there were books available too so much to my delight I purchased ‘Something Wicker This Way Comes’ from Amazon and I can tell you it was a treat to not have to sit at a computer to read these hilarious senarios but to relax on the settee with a good book. A very good book indeed, it had me laughing out loud throughout most of itand credit where credits due anyone who can put Sherlock Holmes and Christopher Biggins on the same page is a genius.

The poor put upon Watson offers an insight into a Holmes you will reconise but may not think the same of after seeing him from another point of view. Watsons long suffering wife really should have a book of her own, a great character.

I loved this book and if you want to be entertained buy it.

Brilliant, funny and not for the faint hearted.



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