Kindness Challenge -week 1

Week 1
Being kind to yourself

This was a challenge, really I just never have time to do anything other than work. On the whole it wasn’t easy, being naturally optimistic and generally happy I didn’t know what I would be able to achieve by this but I made an effort and found myself finding a little time to sit in my favourite place,


sometimes just reading, sometimes writing. Finding time to just do what I wanted and not what was expected of me. Luckily the weather has been kind but it has made me realise I can have some time to myself, the world won’t stop if I disappear for half an hour. This I think will turn into a regular outing. So thank you for this challenge for making me do this.
All this talk of me makes me feel a bit selfish but on the upside today whilst overlooking Glastonbury Abbey I did finish my second novel.


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