Roald Dahl

A brilliant new dictionary with words to baffle your spellchecker. In fact, Grammarly hates Roald Dahl words….

Swashboggling and frobscottle are among thousands of Roald Dahl’s words to be compiled in a dictionary celebrating the centenary of the writer’s birth.

Some of his other words include:

  • lickswishy
  • phizz-whizzing
  • wondercrump
  • snozzberry, snozzcumber and snozzwanger
  • scrumdiddlyumptious
  • zoop
  • flubboxed
  • strodelling
  • ghost gloamer
  • gobblefunk
  • bopmuggered
  • gunzleswiped
  • fluckgungled

Thank you to the BBC site for the list of words.

If you get the chance to see this mornings BBC weather broadcast it’s well worth a view. Thomaz Schafernaker brilliantly did the weather Roald Dahl style.



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