National Doughnut Day!

I never knew there was a National Doughnut Day and I’m incredibly happy to discover it albeit a bit late in life. Think of all of the doughnuts I’ve missed out on in my life, not knowing this fact.

Happy National Doughnut Day!
by introvertplayground

Did you know it was created by the Salvation Army back in 1938? This isn’t just one of those fake holidays, people, this is the real deal.

It was made in honor of the women who delivered doughnuts to soldiers in WWI. They were called “doughnut lassies.”

Grab your favorite glazed, chocolate, jelly, or Boston Creme and celebrate those brave doughnut lassies. Your belt will forgive you.


Thanks for that information, here’s a short story I wrote some time ago that fits the day.

Tasters & Short Stories

Doughnuts With Love. By S C Richmond

Alone she waited for her lover. It was a cold autumnal evening, the street lights threw pools of light onto the ground where the trees had shed their dying leaves, such beauty in death. She kicked her way through the piles of gold with her collar pulled tight around her throat, nothing could cool her mood tonight.
She wasn’t beautiful or exceptional just average with blonde spikey hair. When she met Mark she was surprised to find that he had fallen in love with her, such a magical feeling, she never believed this could happen, she didn’t believe she was worth loving as it had been drilled into her by her Aunt after her parents abandoned her as a young girl. Then one night on a shopping trip she and Mark had both reached for the last pack of doughnuts, looked at each other and smiled, there and then they decided to go and have coffee in the supermarkets café and share the doughnuts. She smiled at the memory as she waited for him to leave work.
An elderly gentleman watched from a bus stop near by and smiled, she knew he understood as she also knew that once upon a time he too had felt as she did now. He tipped his hat to her as the bus pulled up and he left her story.
She wandered a little further still happily kicking at leaves until she arrived at a doorway where she could shelter from the wind and wait patiently until the man she adored came into sight from the driveway opposite. There in the distance she caught her first glance of him, to her he was perfect although he hated walking with a cane but at their age many people did, being in your 60’s didn’t preclude love it was just a little harder to find but so much sweeter.
They met, kissed and walked off hand in hand towards the supermarket cafe to eat doughnuts.


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