F – Fiona and the Fairy

S C Richmond


Fiona and the Fairy

‘Generally depicted as cute, delicate, feminine forms fairies are anything but… look into the history of the fey and you will see they are impish, meddlesome and sometimes fun but generally causing mayhem wherever they go. They love to tease and play tricks on us humans and bewitch us with their antics. If you ever see one, pretend you haven’t, turn away and let the fairy move on to play their little games on another unwitting person. You will never be free of them once you have been bewitched by the fairies – You have been warned.’

Fiona found this hand written note in her Grandmas dressing table drawer and thought that her Grandma must have been going senile before she died. Nobody believed in fairies they’re just in made up stories for kids. Fiona was eleven now and thought herself far too grown up to…

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