Proofreading ๐Ÿค”

Well that’s it, it’s done, I’ve written until I have wrung every last thought out of my head and onto paper, then edited, I plumped followed by aย  massive cull of words, then did it all over again.
So feeling exhausted I have let go of my new baby and sent it through the ether to my proofreader. Tonight I am sitting looking at a blank piece of paper feeling more than a little lost. I don’t seem to even have the ability to write my own name.
I think I may have to have a short period of grieving. What will I do with the extra time I’ll have on my hands now.
So be warned I might be around to annoy you quite a lot over the coming days.
‘Pictures Of Deceit’ will be coming your way very soon.
If you haven’t read ‘The Community’ yet just click on your country ย USA,ย Australia, UKย for the Kindle edition.

UK – Paperback

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