Get Playing.

The BBC are running a campaign for lapsed wannabe musicians to go up to their attic and dig out that instrument that you gave up on years previously.
Whilst I commend the idea I am sure for most of us there was a damn good reason why we gave up.
So off I go to rummage around in the attic to dig out my saxophone… that done I take it out of its case and give it a spruce up, spotless inside and out, pads checked, new reed fitted now it’s all sparkly and looking as good as new. I pull out the sheet music that I can barely decipher anymore but I’ll give it a go.
The house is quiet, I run my hands seductively over the keys surprised at how my fingers fall naturally into place, yet it’s been far too many years since it even came out of its case. I bring it up to my lips, remembering the structure of my embouchure and all the little hints and tips.
A deep rumble emits from the instrument, soulful and sexy, I remember why I wanted to play this beauty. Nerves banished I decided to go for it. Loud and proud, maybe the BBC were right to raise this issue. I don’t really know why I stopped playing, I wasn’t too bad at it back in the day. I chose a nice easy tune ‘stranger on the Shore’ and I blew….. the neighbourhood cats ran for cover, pigeons flew to the next town and my husband came barrelling through the door. Hmmmm possibly 8am wasn’t the time to give this a try. None of the above creatures looked particularly impressed with my effort if the truth be told they looked bloody terrified.
Sorry BBC it looks like all you’re going to achieve in this house is me putting my sax back in its case for another 20 years. ‘Thank God for that’ my husband  says as he heaves a sigh of relief and shuffles off back to bed to give his eardrums a chance to recover.


Perhaps I should try my flute next… ๐Ÿ˜‚


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