Anyone fancy a party? You can bring someone with you so who would you bring and what drink would you like me to have ready for you when you get here? What would you do at the party?

Obviously, this is only a virtual party but if you could bring anyone alive or dead who and why?

So I’m starting this party by opening a bottle of red wine a sharing bag of Doritos Β and bringing Barbra Streisand, if only a few people turned up she could sing for us, so the entertainment is sorted. I might try and sneak Aiden Turner in too but that’s a whole new story.

So join me and Babs, bring a bottle and enjoy the party.


8 thoughts on “Party?

  1. Oh bugger! I would have ben there, i really would.
    A good ole knees up would have done me good.
    I’d have bought a damn good friend
    With a smile a quip some spoons to bend.

    I’d have baked you all cake
    Arthur would bring Guinivere
    Our booties would we’d shake
    With the lady of the lake.

    But I just… didn’t know
    I had no other place to go
    Nowhere I had to be
    I could have danced until 3.

    Steph, I hope you had a successful time, sorry to have missed it. πŸ˜―πŸ˜•

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