The Happiness Tag


Well, thank you Ellen,  I had a ball putting this together, thank you so much for the nomination.

This looks like fun. This afternoon I discovered that I had been nominated for the happiness tag, apparently I make Ellen laugh. Well we’ll just have to see if I can do the same for the rest of you that may be reading this. So here goes…

 To Have the happiness tag you must list
5. Things that make you happy.
5. Songs that make you happy.
5. Bloggers that make you happy.
Let them know you nominate them and you are done.

5 things that make me happy, I’m only allowed to pick 5, ok here goes.

  1.  Sunshine – always cheers me up, it’s the best thing nature can throw at me to make me smile.
  2.   Friends  – there is nothing better in the world than a real belly laugh with friends who get you, I raise a glass to everyone who has made me cry with laughter.
  3.   Silent moments – there are those moments that you just want to put your feet up and relax, no noise, no people maybe a good book but a minute of absolute silence  to allow myself to just be me.
  4.    Writing – I know you’d expect me to put that on the list being a writer but it’s true writing fulfills me in a way that everyday work just can’t. Creating something from nothing  is sheer magic.
  5.    Contentment – Yes a serious answer, I’ve never striven to find happiness but I have always hoped to find contentment, having had plenty of rollercoaster times in my life I am only too happy to settle for a nice content lifestyle. I’m done with the drama of life, just take what’s offered and be happy with your lot.

5 songs that make me happy, I love wordy songs that are deep and meaningful and there’s so much music that means so much to me here’s 5 that make me smile or uplift me.

Don’t Call Me Baby – Madison Avenue. A great song for the shower as well as the dance floor, pure attitude for a girls night out

Thank you – Led Zepplin, possibly one of the most beautiful songs ever written. So many memories how can you not smile listening to this.


Wait for it……..

Are you laughing yet? I need a reminder of my roots sometimes. The most fun you can have listening to music 😉

Here I Go Again – Whitesnake. Well who doesn’t love an 80’s classic, turn the volume up and sing your little heart out.

I’m The Greatest Star – Barbra Streisand. Just sometimes we need reminding how great we are  and anyway how could I do a music compilation and not include this. If you don’t feel like smiling after this lot there’s no hope for you. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my choices.


Now I must nominate 5 bloggers who make me happy and that’s the easy part.

1.  never fails to make me laugh, stop by and get an update on her Luffa…… it’ll be worth the effort. She has a funny dog too.

2.   Gem really is a real Gem she’s always happy so this should be a breeze for her.

3.  wicked sense of humour, you’ll love this blogger.

4. Beth’s site is fun and she has a great way with words.

5. this nomination is because I’d like to know more of this site, it’s lovely and optimistic.




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