Gers, France

If you are thinking of taking a break this summer, you could do a lot worse than trying out the Gers area of France. It is incredibly beautiful and has much to offer, it’s very picturesque with lots of beautifully cared for villages, fortified villages and rambling trails to walk or cycle (or if you’re like me – drive) across this rolling landscape.


You could check out the medieval town of Fources with its stunningly beautiful town square, the village is famous for it’s flowers and its artists.



Montreal a lovely peaceful little village which is a wonderful place to relax, drink coffee and watch the world go by.

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If you want to find a bit more life you could always check out the larger town of Condom .there’s plenty of restaurants and bars to visit and lots of shops, it also has a large market on a Wednesday.


Or you could find somewhere smaller try taking a look at Larressingle a fortified village just 5km outside of Condom, full of history and a lovely way to pass an afternoon. Don’t forget to stop off for crepes flambé in Armagnac.


Please don’t leave the area without trying as many armagnacs as you safely can, there is a huge choice and all of them different.

Enjoy. I know I did 🙂



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